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List of Babylon 5 Books by Mongoose.

Here is a list of Mongoose Babylon 5 books including traveler up to 2009. This list will be updated.
In a posting soon will be a list of fan made Babylon pdfs. I get a pretty good list but i believe there some missing and will be updating that list to.
 This list orginaly appaered on Mongoose forum over seven years back, but with intrest still in B5
and some still don't know how many books there were, I went head to gather a list for B5 gamers.

The Babylon Project (Not a Mongoose Product)
The Babylon Project Joseph Cochran 1-85286-852-X
The Babylon Project: Earthforce Sourcebook Joseph Cochran & John Tuffley 1-85286-861-9
The Babylon Project : Gamesmaster's Resource Kit Joseph Cochran, Heather Grove, Ronald Jarell, Steve Long, John R. Snead and Zeke Sparkes 1-887990-07-0

Mongoose Babylon 5 RPG 1st Edition
Roleplaying Game and Fact Book : Signs and Portents Matthew Sprange MGP 3330 1-904577-11-3
The Fiery Trial Bruce Graw MGP 3331 1-904577-12-1
The Coming of Shadows August Hahn MGP 3332 1-904577-18-0
The Earth Alliance Fact Book Bruce Graw MGP 3333 1-904577-23-7
The Minbari Federation Fact Book August Hahn MGP 3334 1-904577-26-1
The Point Of No Return August Hahn MGP 3335 1-904577-30-X
The Centauri Republic Fact Book August Hahn MGP 3336 1-904577-46-6
The Techno-Mages Fact Book Bruce Graw MGP 3339 1-904577-88-1
The Narn Regime Fact Book August Hahn MGP 3337 1-904577-52-0
No Surrender, No Retreat Shannon Kalvar MGP 3342 1-904854-11-7
The League of Non-Aligned Worlds Fact Book August Hahn MGP 3340 1-904854-09-5
The Zocalo Shannon Kalvar MGP 3344 1-904854-29-X
The Psi Corps Gareth Hanrahan MGP 3345 1-904854-33-8
Roleplaying Game and Fact Book Pocket Edition Matthew Sprange MGP 3347 1-904854-58-3
The Rangers August Hahn MGP 3346 1-904854-45-1
Into the Crucible Bruce Graw MGP 3348 1-904854-95-8
Galactic Guide Ian 'Lizard' Harac MGP 3341 1-904577-99-7
Wheel Of Fire Ian 'Lizard' Harac MGP 3349 1-904854-64-8
Crusade Christopher Blackmoor akak Chobbly on the Mongoose Forums MGP 3351 1-905176-32-5
The Athena Strain Matt Thomason MGP 3352 1-904854-95-8
Free Mars Ian 'Lizard' Harac MGP 3350 1-905176-18-X
Ship Plans Volume I : Hyperion Brandon Bray MGP3353 1-905176-29-5
Earthforce Campaign Book Gareth Hanrahan MGP3354 1-905176-23-6
Darkness & Light Gareth Hanrahan MGP 3355 1-905176-70-8
Ship Plans Volume II : G'Quan Brandon Braay MGP 3357 1-905176-16-3
Merchants, Traders & Raiders Bryan Steele MGP 3356 1-905471-07-6

Mongoose Babylon 5 RPG 2nd Edition
Babylon 5 The Roleplaying Game : Second Edition Gareth Hanrahan & Ian Belcher MGP 3500 1-905471-20-3
The Cold Equations Gareth Hanrahan MGP 3501 1-905471-27-0
Games Master's Screen Ian Belcher MGP 3510 1-905471-73-4
The Ragged Edge Gareth Hanrahan MGP 3502 1-905471-21-1
Ship Plans Volume III : Primus Brandon Bray MGP 3358 1-905176-78-3
The Drakh Gareth Hanrahan MGP 3509 1-905471-64-5
Ship Builder's Manual Bryan Steele MGP 3506 1-905471-49-1
Ships of the Galaxy Bryan Steele MGP 3505 1-905471-28-9
The Final Flight of Santiago Gareth Hanrahan MGP 3508 1-905471-54-8
The Babylon 5 Station Guide ?? MGP 3507 1-905471-59-9
Bounty Hunter Bryan Steele MGP 3513 1-905471-80-7
Heroes & Aliens Greg Lynch MGP 3514 1-905471-75-0
Games Master's Screen Ian Belcher MGP 3510 1-905471-73-4
IPX Gareth Hanrahan MGP 3516 978-1-905471-98-0
The Lurker's Guide to Freedom Station Bryan Steele MGP 3515 1-905471-76-9
The Rim Bryan Steele MGP 3517 978-1-905850-02-0
The Lurker's Guide to pak'ma'ra Bryan Steele MGP 3520 978-1-905850-18-1
The Lurker's Guide to Telepaths Bryan Steele MGP 3523 978-1-905850-33-4
Legend of the Rangers Bryan Steele MGP 3524 978-1-905850-25-9
The Lurker's Guide to Starports Bryan Steele/Lawrence Whitaker MGP 3525 978-1-905850-42-6
Thirdspace Bryan Steele MGP 3522 978-1-905850-27-3
Galactic Guide (2nd edition reprint) Ian 'Lizard' Harac MGP 3341 1-904577-99-7
Deconstruction of Falling Stars (Newly available pdf of unpublished material
Lurker's Guide to the Gaim (Upcoming imminent hardcopy release)

Also available Leap of Faith pdf but this is included in the B&W printings of Freedom Station.

more Travller System B5 books  
The Universe of Babylon 5
Warships of Babylon 5
Trouble With Drazi 

ACTA 1st Edition
A Call to Arms : Babylon 5 Space Combat Matthew Sprange MGP 3343 1-904854-17-6
A Call To Arms : Counter Sheets MGP 33431
A Call To Arms Rules Supplement 1 Matthew Sprange MGP 334302 1-905176-00-7
A Call To Arms Rules Supplement 2 Matthew Sprange MGP 334303 1-905176-30-9
A Call To Arms Rules Supplement 3 Matthew Sprange MGP 334304 1-905176-39-2
A Call to Arms : Babylon 5 Space Combat (Revised Edition) Matthew Sprange MGP 3343 1-904854-17-6
Sky Full of Stars Matthew Sprange MGP 334306 1-905176-58-9
Sky Full of Stars Counter Sheets MGP 3384 1-905471-04-1
The Earth/Minbari War Bryan Steele MGP 334307 1-905471-39-4
A Call To Arms Starter Set Matt
thew Sprange MGP 3382 1-905471-05-X
Dilgar Imperium Matthew Sprange, Matt Keefe MGP 3383 1-905471-00-9
The Drakh Matthew Sprange MGP 3380 1-904571-19-X

ACTA 2nd Edition
A Call to Arms 2nd Edition Rulebook Matt Sprange 978-1-905850-63-1
A Call to Arms 2nd Edition Fleet Lists Matt Sprange 978-1-905850-64-8
Powers & Principalities (Rules supplement hardcopy release)

These three below can be downloaded for free just type in their names, i downloaded them today.
Battle of Quadrant 14
Battle for Sector 14
Battle of the Rim

Thursday, April 28, 2016


Here is all the 2nd b5 ship i found on the deviant web site by Humonb.



                                                         EARTH ALLIANCE

                                             MINBARI  FEDERATION










                                               KOR LYAN


                                         PAC MA RA




Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Well sorry for lack of updates, real life plus my health and i just got out of the
hospital last week for Heart Faliure.

Here is some Babylon 5 scs by Humonb from the deviant art i saw. I hope
he does more.